Prescott Back’s Right to Wear Veil !

I despair at the political / rhetorical posturing around such important issues, but couldn’t resist a chuckle at the thought of John Prescott donning the veil. Jack Straw had started an interesting debate.

Chicken and egg though, is it the serious politicians or the serious press that demand these polarised simplifications ?

2 thoughts on “Prescott Back’s Right to Wear Veil !”

  1. no need to just “chuckle at the thought” of Prescott donning the veil, I’ve managed to dig a photo up of him testing one out… 😉

  2. The difference is, if your web-psite is anything to go by, you have a line in personal insults prejudiced against socialists in general, that it takes the point away from your joke.

    Prescott said a dumb thing, because he said a dumb thing.

    Maybe there is a level of double bluff in your humour I’m missing. Here’s hoping.

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