Fox Soccer on Comcast

Here in Alabama we live in a subdivision where the cable provider is Comcast, and unlike their local competitor Knology, they have not (until recently) been able to provide the Fox Soccer Channel.

We’ve been following the English Premiership progress of Reading FC mainly through their Premier TV MatchLive Console which carries the live commentary from It’s been an excellent audio-only service. Various attempts at internet TV broadcasts, usually streamed from far-east transmissions have been very unsatisfactory, mainly due to lousy synching with any worthwhile commentary.

Imagine our delight to find Comcast now carrying Fox Soccer Channel from about 10 days ago. We subscribed immediately. Disappointing to find only one Reading FC game scheduled to be broadcast in the first two months (with 8 to 10 Premiership or FA Cup matches per week). Imagine our frustration as we settled down to watch that one and only game yesterday, to have the Comcast service cut out at precisely the kick-off time of that transmission, to be restored only when the second half was under way !

At least Leroy Lita did us the favour of saving his two match-winning goals until the final 10 minutes. 6th in the Premiership. Who’d a thought it ?

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