Liverpool Uni Inter-Disciplinary Forum

Upcoming presentations at Liverpool University’s (IDF) “Inter-Disciplinary Forum” inlcudes one on 6th June by Mark Maxwell on “The Metaphysics of Quality and the Unity of Disciplines

Be interesting to hear how that goes down. A potted summary of Pirsig’s MoQ, a shift from physics to life sciences, and a reference to Frijtof Capra’s “Web of Life”. Intriguing.

For myself, I’m reading David Granger’s “Dewey, Pirsig and the Art of Living” … a truly excellent summary of Pirsig’s Quality and Dewey’s Aesthetic Education – establishing, according to Jim Garrison, that their common ground is total. Hardly suprising I’d say, since each seems equal to reality itself. (Actually a very good read, and a comprehensive analysis of Pirsig so far. Will blog more when finished. Blogged earlier about Granger’s paper which focussed mainly on relating Pirsig’s English rhetoric class teaching stories in relation to Dewey. The book so far covers Pirsig’s metaphysics much more comprehensively – the platypi, the hot stove, everything so far as I can tell.)

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