Mind-Blind in Meat-Space

Kat Herder appears to be Chris Locke’s latest nomme de plume on Mystic Bourgeoisie. Crossed paths before with Chris over Abram Maslow, when following up the “Criticisms of Maslow” meme.

Personally, whilst obviously wary of any prescriptive “objectivisation by numbers” of human psychology (see my manifesto), I still find Maslow’s Jungian rules of thumb informative and explanatory. For me the quest is to fit these ideas within a more inclusive world view. Chris (Kat)’s purpose is to warn against the Eugenic connections of these schools of psychology that reduce humans to objects of comparative statistical explanation – a no brainer. The latest post has some good links to the background of the Stanford led scientification of psychology.

How to distill the value from the risks. Similar I guess to the backlash against too primitive Princeton “game-theory” explanation of population behaviours – “mind-blind” theories that ignore the dynamic will and evolution of the individual and collective minds involved in the “games” of life are obviously doomed to failure.

Anyway, the links are useful. No big deal for me to “defend” Maslow, just don’t like to see valuable babies thrown out with no-brainer bathwater.

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