Roger Boscovich 1711 – 1787

Just collecting links for future follow-up. Roger Anderton over on Friends of Wisdom has a special interest in Boscovich’s relativity work pre-dating Einstein, and in Lancelot Whyte a co-worker of Einstein, who also documented Boscovich work. The Wikipedia introduction is as good a summary as any to start with. (Beware confused nationality and consequent variants on his name when searching / following up links.)

The reason for interest is the “Einsteing was right” brigade and the arguments casting doubt on modern mathematical interpretations fundamental physics generally, and the base of any fundamental philosophies of existence and meaning at the quantum level. The specific interest for me is my understanding of Quantum Information theory which depends on mathematical models, post Dirac.

Must link this with “Island” and his anthropic arguments on “science in crisis“. Also picked up earlier reference to Boscovich on the in our time broadcasts on the Jesuits.

Here is the Lancelot Whyte biographical piece on Boscovich.

Another good source of links are Roger Anderton’s own papers posted on the “General Science Journal” (Look in the author list dropdown.)

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