When Kurt Vonnegut died a few weeks ago, there was some traffic about his work on various discussion boards … I realized I knew of him, and a little about his works, but had not actually read any. On MoQ-Discuss several people gave recommendations for favourites and for new readers. I started with the obvious – 1963 “Cat’s Cradle” – with no prior knowledge, I was pleasantly suprised. A witty, satyrical, apocalyptic allegory. The deepest message seems to be in the title – connections are all there is  – a tangle of string – there is nothing else to the world – no cradle – and nothing else in it – no cat. Nothing is what it seems, it’s all sleight of hand.

Put me in mind of Einstein on communication – “except there is no cat”.

Put me in mind of Douglas Adams – the golden slipper and more (?)

Put me in mind of Pirsig – the ice-nine seed crystal.

Put me in mind of Rand – migration from industrial might to (dystopian) Utopia

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