The Twisted Campaign for Gender Self-Identity

I’ve been documenting my own takes on the Self-ID Trans-activism story for 6 or 7 years now – last summarised here with many footnotes added.

Like prof Alice Dreger, doctor Sarah Rutherford has been a professionally engaged researcher for much longer. She’s done the research and recently published a historical deep dive into how the current (2020) reform to the (2004) Gender Recognition Act got to be the mess it is.

2 thoughts on “The Twisted Campaign for Gender Self-Identity”

  1. Dr Rutherford’s piece is very good. Odd to think that Norman Tebbit becomes the hero of the day here, but that’s the genius of having different minds involved in pre-legislative scrutiny.

    Theres an interesting consideration in this article about whether politesse and good intentions over this issue will lead us into a swamp. If they have not already.

  2. Yes, who’d a thought the Chingford Skinhead could be a modern day hero?
    Interesting piece. The BBC is screwed by its own political correctness. It’s very sad.

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