Metaphysical Relational Triad

2020 update to my Epistemological Ontology from 2017/18
(Minor change of wording to emphasise the ontological reality.)

Ontology because it’s a world-view of what is deemed to exist.
Epistemological because it is based on knowledge.
Metaphysical Monism because the stoff of knowledge is information and therefore the only stoff of which the whole edifice is built.


Earliest version (June 2017) published here.

Last formed part of a description of the (April 2019) Monist Informational Realism here (aka the “Epistemological Ontology”, above).

[Dec 2021 – Need to update the “Epistemological Ontology” metaphysics to reflect Whitehead’s dynamic participation, Goff and new pan-(proto)-psychists beyond Kastrup’s idealism, and McGilchrist (Parts1&2) integration of the “ways of knowing”. Everything else already there, in need of elaboration. Maybe also re-introduce the original “Res” Informatica, Cogitans and Extensa language in the Triad figure? and then “map” orthodox modern views (eg “science”) overlaid on the figure. Broad and narrow definitions, identity and difference (also McGilchrist Part3), good fences.]

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