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Just capturing a link to the AntiMatter blog pages of Cormac O’Rafferty.  (Like me he blogs about plenty of current affairs and global politics beyond his academic teaching interest in physics. For me these are in fact deeply connected via human memetics and social decision making – in both science and politics.)

Capturing the link because he was the one scientist linked by Rick Ryals in his “Einstein Was Right” agenda … turning the clock back to supplementary knowledge of Einstein that was overlooked by the science community when Relativity and QM took off after 1917 – and left us with all the paradoxes and anomalies of 21st C Physics. (Rick’s video presentation on that page.)

Topical because I’m following-up references to Peter Rowlands, who also follows the clock back to some mathematical conventions that were overlooked in development of Dirac’s version of Schrödinger. (Hamilton, Quaternions and Clifford mathematics). A Dirac Nilpotent Rewrite that leaves the reality of the symmetric elements exposed to the human reader as the algorithmic computation of much simpler maths. (Completed my read. Excellent. Recommended. Must publish a more detailed review.)


Post notes:

(Rowlands does continue to have 2018/19/20 joint publications of papers, so he is still active out there. Intriguingly this one:

“Amoroso, Richard; Gianni, Albertini; Kauffman, Louis; Peter, Rowlands (2018). Unified Field Mechanics Ii: Formulations And Empirical Tests – Proceedings Of The Xth Symposium Honoring Noted French Mathematical Physicist Jean-pierre Vigier. Singapore: World Scientific. p. 601. ISBN 978-981-323-203-7.”

On a wiki page about the psyche in science. The plot continues to converge.)

And, whilst I remember, my original contact with Rowlands, via Peter Marcer of BCS / CASYS also included Brian Josephson and Karl Pribram. Rick Ryals was the common communication between O’Raffery and Rowlands. Need to refresh these old (email) contacts.

And, oh my, having mentioned Clifford maths above, the link has already been made here. What a tangled web.

Here a reference to Cormac by Cory Powell in Discover magazine which, given the “new” Einstein topic, is maybe where Rick picked-up the reference. (There are other Discover and Cory Powell links in Rick’s references.)

And, Cormac is also a surfer. A synchronicity one level too removed to elaborate here.

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