Hypocrisy in Public Life

An interview with Michael Ignatieff posted at Mcluhan’s (Next) Message. Struck by the reference to the hypocrisy of literalism …

Amongst “friends” we recognise that what someone means is more fundamental than what they actually say … but somehow in organised public life we use the flip-side … and interpret our own meaning into the words people literally use, at their expense … a kind of contractual exploitation ?

Another example of the “hypocrisy” demanding our pounds of flesh.

2 thoughts on “Hypocrisy in Public Life”

  1. I visited Mark Federman’s website and read “How do we know: the changing culture of knowledge” I got a better understanding of what McLuhan was saying.

    Not only that, but to find out more about what all the hubbubb was about between you and Glen I visited Chalmers website and read
    “facing up to the problem of Consciousness”. I even think I understood most of it.

    And am reading Somerset Maugham. I got interested in him after seeing the film, “the painted Veil”

    But am mostly excited about receiving the several books I ordered from Amazon by David Hume. That man is probably the most refered to philosopher since Aristotle.

    I will be reading these as my husband and I drive to Charlottesville, Virginia for a wedding on Labor Day.

    Now that you’ve seen the near west….why not come and see the far west (the best west) just minutes from yosemite national park….the eastern sierrs.

    Fishing, hiking, skiing…the land of ansel adams and john muir.

    free room, nice view.

  2. Hi Alice, you have been busy. Somerset Maugham is a new one for my list – you’ll have to give some pointers ?

    Finding time for more trips is the catch – I can’t get used to the minimal amount of US employment vacation time. We’re thinking about the west coast in the winter sometime. Probably have to “plan” to make it happen.

    Labor Day, Sylvia and I are planning our next long-weekend trip. Don’t know where yet, probably Atlantic coast.

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