Hit Behaviour

Strange pattern of page hits today. My overall hit-rate is about half (1200/month) what it was a year ago, but today in two separate hours around 4pm and 7pm this evening I had page hits at a rate almost 20 times the average hourly rate.

More than 120 hits an hour all via “StumbleUpon” all on the same (four year old) page, and most of them real hits with dwell times and multi-page visits. I won’t advertise which page, but no obvious topical interest. Weird.

(Post Note : whatever the pattern was, it was a temporary affair – no sign since.)

2 thoughts on “Hit Behaviour”

  1. I will, just not immediately (and it’s not very exciting anyway).

    I’m avoiding posting a direct reference, because like any good social anthropologist, I don’t want to be an unwitting participant in my own research 😉

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