Linking Links – It’s Already Connected

Noted only in the past year, after getting very engaged with the work of Whitehead recently that I needed to give credit to a strong link between him and Pirsig that had crossed my path unnoticed back in 2006.

With information and computation proving an ever more fundamental part of my agenda since the outset in 2001, I’ve joined-up dots with quantum computing in various guises at many points in that time. Most recently with Chiara Marletto and the “Constructor Theory” of Deutsch and Marletto.

Somewhat randomly I came across a post of my own from 2007 that had already connected cross-links from the Pirsig-Whitehead axis to the fundaments of quantum computing. There is very little new under the sun, and all the connections are already there.

The whole Zen <> Fundamental Physics
(Stapp, Josephson, Capra, Talbot, and even Hofstadter again)
The Holographic Universe <> Quantum Computation
(Talbot, Deutsch, Rowlands, etc.)
All in a Pirsig <> Whitehead context!
Even seems I did read some Whitehead at that time (2007)?

The thing I guess I’d missed the significance of with “quantum computing” first time, until the second time around with Rowlands, was that this wasn’t just some quantum-level  property to be exploited for human-scale computing purposes (which it is) but an explanatory model being offered for fundamental physics itself. It had been staring me in the face the whole time until the realisation that corrected the gap between 2007 and 2020 was my revisiting Rowlands. The recent Marletto work is now cementing the significance in more mainstream Physics & Philosophy arenas. She is the kind of person that will attract more attention than the likes of me or Peter Rowlands.

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