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A new overload of bookmarked pages to capture. Life remains complicated for reading and writing for domestic and work reasons, so I’ll dump most here without reading or reviewing in detail for now. Resources for later.

Philip Goff on this old chestnut … Hacking, White and McGrath all referenced (but not Anthropics …)

Bogdanov. Having picked him up as someone I need to follow-up, coincidentally picked-up this in-person event in Hull later this week, 2nd / 3rd June. Systems studies, financial economics and cybernetics(!) in one event, with Rovelli giving a keynote the evening before.

[Could have been designed for me.
H/T Paul Mason for the tweet.
Follow-up Bogdanov post here

Great piece in Aeon from Jessica Flack at Santa Fe Institute. Day job systems thinking as well as epistemology research application for me:

(Also good stuff about instabilities of mixed time-scale processes.)

Neurodiversity as an advantage. Positive piece in HBR.

George Berkeley piece in Prospect – by Alex Dean reviewing Tom Jones latest book on the subject.

Genetic heritability of behaviour – paper in Nature (Human Behaviour).

AI Is Neither Artificial nor Intelligence – short piece in Wired.

Review of Edmonds on professor Schlick in TLS.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (sometimes Cz…) have earlier references to him in “flow” contexts, someone shared his TED talk.

Keeping Time on Entropy’s Dime
May 6, 2021• Physics 14, s54
An experiment with a nanoscale clock verifies that a clock’s entropy per tick increases as the clock is made more precise. It from Bit on the time axis?

Zen and the Art / Pirsig meme …Covid and the Art of Parallel Parking in Austin Times.

Meta- 7 Apps for Cataloguing Your Home Library in HigherEd Blog (h/t Ian Smith for suggestion).

Galen Strawson interviewed by Robert Wright in Mind Matters on his journey from Materialism to PanPsychism.

War and Peace and War by Peter Turchin – add to book list. Turchin has been in my sights before – with Pirsig / Einstein / Magritte link.

Spooky “Periodic Table” correlation between species of DNA structures? H/T to David Morey on Twitter.

Dennett’s “Clergy Project” – Church as Theatre in Patheos.

Adding System 3 (None) to Kahneman’s 1 and 2 (Fast and Slow) Jumping the Shark.

Performative Victimhood – bad public decision-making. Bamboozled Britain dishes out Brexit Blame. Fintan O’Toole in The Irish Times.

Piece on the Famous Einstein-Szilárd letter in Cantor’s Paradise.

By Any Memes Necessary in LA Review of Books. The memification of history, replacing detailed truth with catchy misattributed and dubious sound-bites. Yep, that’s about it.

Recurring link to Norway’s Oil dependency, with Mariana Mazzucato – but I though the sovereign wealth fund was being directed at green policy for more than a decade?

More on Neurosexism – gendered brains again in Nature.

More on Neurosexism – gendered brains in Neuroscience.

Essay on Hume by Baggini in Prospect to accompany his latest excellent book. The Hume paradox: how great philosophy leads to dismal politics. H/T Mark Hammonds

More brain/mind behaviour from abnormal brains. Tuckute in BioRxiv pre-prints. Frontal language areas do not emerge in the absence of temporal language areas: A case study of an individual born without a left temporal lobe.

Add Salma Rushdie’s latest to list “Languages of Truth”

Reactionary responses to this Max Plank quote on probability in nature.

Interesting thread on Wheeler’s “It from Bit” from Jessica Flack

As predicted by Mark Hammonds – Wittgenstein Tractatus at 100 is a thing.

Sabine Hossenfelder on Larry Krauss’ bandwagon jumping on Climate Change.

Re-Reading List:

Recent reference to the excellent Secret History by Donna Tartt – time to start a “re-reading list”?

Which should probably include this:

As well as this Goldstein link :
Recent reference to the excellent Goldstein’s Mind Body Problem

Done for now. Need to collect the book references and the library catalogue.

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