Real or Sokal?

The 2014 Physics.Org piece.

The 2014 Source paper about 2010 work.

Lost of tweeting in June 2021 about the physics dark matter / dark energy analogy, so much so that I have my doubts whether the original was real or simply a thought experiment?

2 thoughts on “Real or Sokal?”

  1. Here is a more recent discussion of mesopelagic biomass (2021), with 26 linked citations.

    The suggestion that mesopelagic fishes avoid nets, causing their biomass to be underestimated, goes back to a 2012 paper (citation 5). Accurate measurement of the biomass seems to be an ongoing project, beset by various technical problems. If the 2014 paper was a “Sokal,” it’s been a very expensive one.

  2. I’m sure you’re right, but the people chattering in 2021 seemed to be placing a lot of credence on the Dark Matter metaphor 😉

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