Content Theft

Interesting. I guess the fact that we all post in public (like, Doh ! blogging on the web) means we expect (nay hope) to be picked-up, linked and copied, directly or from feeds, but I hadn’t though of this – people scraping feed content and “passing off” without linking or attribution.

As ever, it’s the “passing off” that is immoral. [via Geo Hancock]
BTW did you pick up on “Kindle” Geo, see previous post.

One thought on “Content Theft”

  1. Oh yes. See:

    But can you imagine the gall of displaying my writing AND the copyright notice without permission? The culprit is now closed down, both at Spaces and the feeder site. Yay!

    I’m far more concerned over the “Google Debacle” of demoting sites unfairly in PageRank. Now, in protest, I’ve removed my Google Search Box and am wrestling with Yahoo’s glitchy search box code. If you have any insights or suggestions about dealing with the demotion, please email me.

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