We’ve come a long way (not) baby.

Interesting little snapshot here via Johnnie Moore, originally from Marina’s Bloggariffic on the evolution of blogging. The technology changes like fashions come and go, but the evolution of use, uses that add value to humanity, is comically retarded. The ratio of nuggets to trivia is pretty static ….

90% of X is crap, because 90% of everything is crap

…. someone once said.

I have a theory about memetic evolution – the three generation rule – originally evident in “Kondratiev Waves”. However fast the technology itself, humans have to learn habits, exploit habits and unlearn habits, and we humans as a whole / in general / culturally have physiological limits to the pace of learning, and communicating / applying that learning.

Interestingly, Johnnie has a later post about the optimal load for a brain to take something new on board.

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