Works in Progress

As ever I’m stacked-up with things I really must get round to doing, and others I will simply settle for feeling less guilty that I may never get round to doing. Either way, it’s a long distracting list.

      • Home – Currently top of the list priority-wise is the intent to move house, downsize and simplify. (In fact we are well through the process so, touch wood, we may achieve completion in another month or so – seriously weird process these days, but that’s another story.)
      • Work – Close second is simplifying my semi-retired “consultancy” working arrangements. (Keep getting dragged into “employment” on big-project delivery-commitments – and frankly I don’t want or need it these days.)

These two are top of the list of priorities – urgency-wise – because they provide the deck-clearing life-simplifications that enable time for the creative priorities – importance-wise:

      • #GoodFences – difference, division and discrimination – and our inability to make decent collective decisions – are at the root of so many real life issues – being added to daily in our news feeds. More and more trees obscuring our view, less and less wood to build our future. We conflate technical truths with actual reality – and a lot more. We need to trust in language, rhetorical as well as formal.
      • #BrainMindArchitecture – This particular set of interfaces, between the everyday physical and psychological worlds, is also where the metaphorical rubber meets the problematic road between science and philosophy for as long as humans have given them any thought. With language use clarified by #GoodFences we can see that much of the persistent confusion has already been resolved by great minds gone before us. There really is nothing new under the sun.
      • #BetterMetaphysics –  With the (essentially linguistic) confusions resolved, we can improve upon the dumber extremes of seeing “orthodox science” as a basis for … real life … as opposed to some idealised wishful “science-led” myth most the world seems doomed to live at the moment.

Of these three, I’ll clear the #BrainMindArchitecture first, since I already have texts open and drafts in progress (eg reading Adam Zeman) and in the scheme of work it is essentially a piece of housekeeping. Then #GoodFences I’ll do next. It’s being added to daily by real life, and is requiring the greatest creative effort to articulate as well as being the biggest bang for anyone’s buck in real life here and now. #BetterMetaphysics is the culmination of my Psybertron project – into my 3rd decade so far. It exists in two forms at multiple levels of draft. One a thesis, the other a fiction. I’m certain the latter will be the more valuable, and the former is simply the documentation of my own thinking as part of the process. The fiction is also the biggest doubt as to whether I actually have the writing skills to create it.

Post Note: Also … making their own progress …

      • #@KatøiCollection – an intriguing series of Tweets by @Katøi developing some radical geometric-mathematical simplifications about fundamental physics, that get close to Maths and/or Information being at the root of physics. Easily mistaken for mystical numerology(!), but follows on from the Peter Rowlands alt-Maths contribution to my Informational #BetterMetaphysics [Done]
      • #SamSmithPubs – a campaign to improve the management of Sam Smith’s Northern pubs – where many (including The Anchor Inn, Guisborough) are without management and therefore without plans to reopen post-Covid.
      • #RPA – Robert Pirsig Association – an ongoing  proposal …

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