Lessing is More.

Interestingly ironic thread with Dave Snowden on Euan Semple’s Obvious about this Doris Lessing comment.

Referring a few posts ago, to Johnnie Moore commenting on the persistent inanity of most of what the evolving web technologies are used for.

Lest we forget, 99% of the internet is inane crap, because 99% of everything is crap. The important thing is knowing how to pan for the nuggets … peer-to-peer connections, context, etc …

Doubly ironic is Euan’s slightly later post on Gartner appearing to rubbish the investment value in Web2.0 … given Dave Pollard dubbing KM2.0 as KM0.0 (also reported by David Gurteen.) Interconnected enough for you ?

3 thoughts on “Lessing is More.”

  1. Just to clarify, my dubbing of KM 2.0 as KM 0.0 wasn’t derogatory, it was a declaration of the need to go back to the basics of connection and sharing and adding understanding.

  2. Understood Dave, I’m and advocate of “nothing (very little) new under the sun” … and it’s a statement of fact rather than a criticism.

    “Appearing” was a significant word in my original statement above.

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