Random Bookmarks

Shutting down an excess of browser windows and need to keep some as bookmarks:

A few on Foucault – his association with “Queer Theory” means his name is mud amongst GC-Feminists, but don’t want to throw the PoMo baby out with the bathwater (his linguistic metaphysics works for me):

Foucault Beyond Good and Evil in Open Culture

The Perversions of Foucault in New Criterion

What Foucault Meant by Genealogy

And other things:

A History of Philosophy Summarised and Visualised
(Neat – not sure how practically useful.)

Galen Strawson’s Consciousness Deniers in NYR Books
(and other “silly” things … M Hammond comment?)

Western Ideas Live on in the East – John Gray in New Statesman
(Old thread of mine.)

Classification of Races – Ralph Leonard on Christine Louis Dit-Sully in  Aero Magazine


2 thoughts on “Random Bookmarks”

  1. If you haven’t already read it, _Beyond Weird_ by Philip Ball might interest you. He prefers information theory as the explanation for quantum mechanics.

  2. Hi AJ, I’d not read it but I will now.
    Had problems with Philip Ball before, being one of the more orthodox scientistic, so I will be interested.

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