Backing Winners ?

Not seen “No Country for Old Men” yet, but saw “There Will be Blood” last week and “Michael Clayton” last night.

“There Will be Blood” – interesting documentary of cynical exploitation and life-threatening risks in pioneering oil industry. As well as the two great characters – Daniel Day-Lewis and the young preacher (is he his twin ?) – there is the excellent moody discordant soundtrack and cinematography, particularly early on, wonderful big-country scenery, and an unexpectedly gorey conclusion (the clue is in the title BTW). Worth seeing.

“Michael Clayton” is simply a great thriller / mystery plotline well acted, with lots of messy slow-paced real-life background behind the old main plot of big-bad-business in litigation gets its come-uppance. The George Clooney eponymous lead and supporting Tilda Swinton (stress) and Sydney Pollack (calm) all convincing. Tom Wilkinson’s “eccentric” role suited the Brit, (who’s really mad here ?) but unfortuately his accent doesn’t quite cross the Atlantic. The format – starting from a scene that is 80% through the plotline, explicitly flipping back 4 days to the start and then running through to the end – creates some clever confusion. Why did he get out his car ? Was he lying when he said he hadn’t had a drink / bet in weeks ? Anyway some original twists, in an otherwise old plot. Again, definitely worth seeing, for the characters and their predicaments.

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