Matthew Segall

Matthew Segall (Footnotes2Plato) is a fellow traveller with whom I’ve crossed social-media tracks over several years and he’s not one of those respondents to Philip Goff in this month’s JCS Panpsychism Special, where I’ve been collecting copies of all the freely available pre-print articles.

An intriguing few are not available, below, but I thought I’d use the opportunity to pin down a touch point with Segall since one of the respondents is Christof Koch.

Christoph Koch comes out as a panpsychist? (2012)

That JCS Special?

Goff’s original outline is here.
(Where most of the pre-prints are linked)

The Oct 21 JCS Vol28 (9-10) is now here.

Missing Goff Links include:

Christof Koch — ‘Reflections of a Natural Scientist on Panpsychism’

Keith Frankish — ‘Galileo’s Real Problem’

Alyssa Ney — ‘Panpsychism and the Limits of Physical Science’

Joanna Leidenhag — ‘Why a Panpsychist Should Adopt Theism’

Sarah Lane Ritchie — ‘Panpsychism,  Flourishing and Psychedelics’

All the others appear to be available as preprints or blogs.


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