More Mystical Numerology From Katøi?

For a while I was posting regular updates on “the thoughts of tweeter @katoi” – with the caveat that whilst it looked a lot like mystical numerology, there were some fascinating patterns in the numbers – well, in the geometry actually – from someone with no professed expertise in maths or physics. @katoi reckoned each batch of posts superseded the previous so wasn’t capturing these thoughts anywhere but Twitter, so for a while I kept adding the latest to the evolving stream of consciousness.

Well, I lapsed for a couple of months and I’m not going back to fix it now, so here is the latest batch in isolation:

In the middle of which I interjected and @katoi added to the branch:

Something “meta” about the geometry of “spacetime”. The numbers are not to do with dimensions they are exponents, and hence appear adjacent in multi-digit numbers – including decimal fractions – whatever the counting base. We very rarely see positive numbers less than one – fractions – expressed in any base other than 10 – hence deci-mals – so we wouldn’t normally even notice “basi-mals”.

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