The Matter is Complete

I finished my read of all three parts, both volumes of McGilchrist’s The Matter With Things last night, peppered with notes.

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A handful of disagreements, omissions(!) and disappointments which I will need to articulate, but overwhelmingly positive. So many connections with important lines of thought already noted. All the new points reinforcing and building on existing.

Will be tough, will need a plan on how, to “review” the whole especially since thoughts are already turned to practical future actions – where to take it. Chapter 26 (Value), Chapter 27 (Purpose) and the final Chapter 28 (The Sense of the Sacred) will probably be my focus.

Made me smile that that last Chapter concludes

“I have nothing to add.”

And is then followed by 70 pages of Coda, Epilogue and Appendices, not to mention 200 pages of bibliography, names & index. Gerry Coyne may want to look up his own name in the index and read Appendix 8

“When confronted with the overconfident, even contemptuous pronouncements of some scientists to the effect that [religion is incompatible with science and that] God does not exist … [etc].”

Suffice to say, there is a good deal on the entirely naturalistic relationships between religion, theology, teleology and orthodox science. This really is where the argument needs to be taken … the 21st C fetish with “science-led” everything.

More from me later.

Never mind what I think – this is some recommendation?

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