Major Overhaul Started

You may have noticed a change of format of the blog pages, starting with the header ? Same theme / style, but much re-organized.

MOST IMPORTANT – for users of my “Pirsig Pages” – notice the updated note on the old Pirsig Pages redirecting you manually to the entry point for my new Pirsig Pages. Any existing links to and within the blog pages (including the new header links) are automatically updated. If you switch your Pirsig Pages link to the new “PHP” page – any future changes will be automatic too.

So, if you link directly or via “favourites” to my Pirsig Pages,
Please switch your link

The link to the Pirsig Biographical Timeline is unchanged, and will remain so.

Further changes are taking place to add new blog capabilities, whilst simplifying the overloaded side-bar; to create some new pages to help organise and orientate through the subject matter; oh, and a new project – can you tell what it is yet ?

2 thoughts on “Major Overhaul Started”

  1. Hi Ian!
    Major overhaul over at my site, as well. Just published my book, so I’m back blogging semi-regularly. Come visit!

    Hope all is well,

  2. Hi Chris, long time no contact, despite still having your links in the blogroll.
    I will pay you a visit, and suss out your book.

    Busy as ever, but with some new projects brewing too, one that might interest you.

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