Todd Snider

Almost a week overdue this post, since last Friday I travelled early Saturday to a conference and been just too busy and stressed to blog (or even read any private e-mail). Anyway, mentioned Tommy Womack and Will Kimbrough before and several people knowing I was a fan of Tommy suggested I should see another ex-cohort Todd Snider.

Friday he was at the Huntsville Crossroads, doing a solo acoustic set, a little too brief, in front of strangely seated audience. Great stuff, undeniably Dylanesque, witty auto-biographical songs and delivery full of character. Picked-up a CD and will get to know his songs and look out for him again. A gem.

(Being away, I’ve missed Dave Anderson’s set being videoed at The Sports Page last Monday too.)

[Update – listened to Todd’s CD’s “East Nashville Skyline” (2004) and “The Devil You Know” (2006) – and can confirm that the country-rock arrangements do also evoke “the new Tom Petty” comparisons.

Conservative Christian, Right-Wing Republican,
Straight, White, American Males
… haters of  …
Tree-huggin, Peace-lovin, Pot-smokin, Porn-watchin,
Lazy-ass hippies like me.
Diamonds and dogs, boys and girls,
living together in two separate worlds.

[Post Note: Saw Todd Snider again in Austin. Still regularly have his CD’s on in the car!]

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