The Victrolas & The Daisycutters

Mentioned before what a great venue Huntsville’s Crossroads was even when it’s only 20/30% full, thanks to the multi-space layout, but on Friday we saw what it looks like when even fewer turn up. The bands struggled to generate any atmosphere with the sparse audience on a rainy night in Huntsville.

Nashville band The Victrolas headlined on the night – the reason I went, since Tommy Womack has some co-production interest with them, and as you know I’m a fan of Tommy’s work. As advertised they were “country rock”, and I have to say they didn’t really do it for me. Competent with presence, but not enough original spark, and the limp atmosphere surely didn’t help.

Despite that atmosphere, Wess Floyd and the Daisycutters also from Nashville, were a different kettle of fish. Four guitars, including the eponymous frontman, different anyway. Full on, manic stage presence at all times, some catchy tunes and choruses, and variety in the guitar styles with one doubling up on the tinyiest but effective keyboard I’ve ever seen used for a stage performance. With the front three bouncing off each other, I have to say the back line, the excellent bassist in particular, really held it together; I guess that’s the plus of being a six piece. A band I’d definitely travel to see.

Talking of back lines, I don’t think I mentioned Katie Herron ? Surely the tinyiest waif of a drummer you could imagine, but so strong standing in with Electric Voodoo in Humphrey’s earlier in the week. Her regular band is Trial By Jury. Must look out for an opportunity to see them. By coincidence Katie was in Klatschie’s, when Rob Aldridge (another one for the future) got up to jam the other night too – mentioned him before too I think.

3 thoughts on “The Victrolas & The Daisycutters”

  1. Response from Wess via MySpace …

    “Wow..all I can say in that we are flattered. Now we just have to live up to what you said about, but we truly appreciate it!”

  2. Having said I would travel to see them – I meant it – tonight I just had too many things I had to prepare for an early start tomorrow since also flying to the UK Saturday morning.

    I just had to skip zooming up to Nashille tonight to see them at The Basement (with the Victrolas again). Rats.

    Spookily – due to the backlog of work and issues I’m dealing with right now, I dropped out of going to Bonaroo last weekend – Pearl Jam and Metallica on the line-up at Machester, TN, east of Nashville. Blow me down, didn’t Metallica do a suprise gig at The Basement. What a miss.

    Anyway … Daisycutters in Knoxville Friday night, flight at 10am in Huntsville Saturday … I wonder ? Actually I’m flying via Cincinnati …. hmmm, no, maybe not, the car would be in the wrong place for the return leg …

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