Did I Say Full Circle ?

Went to Nashville (and Memphis) last weekend and as well as a celebratory 27th annivesary meal at Merchants we stopped in at 12th & Porter to see The Daisycutters headlining again. Great energetic set by them again, though again a bigger crowd would have helped – so many seemed to have come just to see one of the three bands before leaving, including the bands and hangers-on themselves. Pity, great venue too.

Support were Daylight Brigade and Von Garde. Daylight Brigade were different. Varied arrangements, keyboards and trumpet and shared lead on guitar & vocals – a bit “art-school” and a bit sparse, so probably need to get better acquainted to enjoy. Von Garde were conventional 4-piece with the front-man on rhythm, but excellent snarling delivery all round, plenty of sweaty energy and attitude whilst still having fun. My Generation a-la Oasis with not-quite-gear-smashing a-la Who. Full circle again, ‘cos they are from Bowling Green, KY same as Tommy (Womack). Speaking to the band and their entourage, they knew Tommy and Government Cheese. It was Tommy co-producing The Victrolas, that I first saw Wess Floyd and The Daisycutters supporting.

BTW Plenty new and upcoming from Tommy.

(Memphis – Beale St was lively, and we’d treated ourselves to a stay at the Memphis Hilton, but nothing particularly impressed more than the house-band at B B Kings.)

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