The Elon Musk Effect?

Amazingly, after so many convergent threads on systems architectures and their fragility or resilience to well-placed viruses or bugs – in my agenda that “system” being the whole of science-led rational orthodoxy – I have may times used the systems thinking approach that complex systems (like politics plus media plus social-media) need moderation in the speed of communications in key layers. (As opposed to yes/no censorship of content.) We need this kind of thinking in order not to degenerate to lowest common viral denominators through social-media. (Sadly the prevailing “virus” is that any kind of moderation is a constraint on the much fetishised idol of “freedom of speech”.)

The threat / promise that Elon Musk likes Twitter so much he might buy it, in order to support that fetish, has got a lot of people thinking, and sure enough systems architecture thinking has gained a little traction:


Naturally, I enthusiastically agreed with both.


Freedom runs on rails.
There are rules of engagement.

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