Important Pirsig Highlights

I made a single reference to Pirsig and “quality” in the previous post about Kastrup and “consciousness”. It prompted me to re-read a few earlier references I’d written – a couple of which I realise I’m quite proud of, and thought I’d “re-up” on these pages:

“After the Fireworks” (July 2018)
– a retrospective on the Pirsigian journey shortly after his death.

If Something’s Missing, Just Write it” (August 2018)
– subsequent reflection on shared / parallel life trajectories.

“Hoops of Fire” (September 2008)
– an earlier signing-off at a Minnesotan cross-roads in my own life.

And for completeness simply bookended by:

The most recent “On Quality” (2022)
and earlier
my conference paper “It’s Evolutionary Psychology, Stupid.” (2005)
and (pre-Pirsig) my MBA Dissertation on Change & Culture (1991)
where some of my issues were first documented.

All prompted by getting my head around “just write something!

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