Knowing Ruth Chang

It’s a sign I really need to stop reading and listening to new inputs, and focus on synthesising all the writing I’ve started (but never finished) in the 22 years of blogging.

I noted seeing Ruth Chang “for the first time” last week whilst missing her main talk on making choices, despite being “central to my own agenda”.

Well, I picked-up on Ruth Chang 8 years ago on the very same topic, and had obviously forgotten all bout it.


And of course, I watched it again straight through and got exactly the same impression (see previous notes). It is indeed very simple, for the first 7 of the 15 minutes, but whilst still very simply presented the crescendo from there to the end is palpable. It is a mistake to treat choices as scientifically objective, they’re about choosing where to put our subjective agency, the harder and more complex the choice the bigger the opportunity. Could almost be one of the motivational “commencement speech” genre.

(And strangely I only noticed the old link because I was searching for an unrelated image that is central to the premise of a current piece of writing. Still not found that image either … ho hum.)

(And re-reading that summary note about about “choosing where to put our subjective agency” I realise I had “forgotten” Chang because I had effectively internalised her “lesson” already. Great stuff.)

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