McGilchrist at Embercombe

Missed this conversation last night, so watching the recording today.

Just VERY rough notes for conversation.

What is the matter?
Doesn’t actually answer – but talks around that we all seem to see the plight of western humanity.
Then a long summary of TMWT (inc repeat of TMAHE HH content)

Attention – a moral act
Judgement – a moral act
Intelligence – cognitive as well as emotional / affective.
Attention as honest encounter – neither PoMo (all is constructed) nor naive reductive (it’s all objectively out there).

Summary of HH
Right – comprehension
Left – apprehension
Map & Terrain as usual

Reason / rationality and Intuition / creativity / imagination

(Negative re “algorithms” X again. ie new science understanding involves creative intuition.)

Tosh about
Arty / Hippie Right
Boring / Sensible / Reliable Accountant Left
In fact left is much more unreliable.

The problem … decline of civilisations losing their L/R balance – the decline can be rapid (years), but new recovery can be very long (centuries).

Can’t be solved by an algorithm X (again).

The problem of social-media chat rooms … left-brain dominates
But we can all begin from the life we lead – tend our own garden, etc.
Prefer “nature” to “environment”.

Human as a computer X again.

Whole synthesis / integration of brain hemispheres.
Seat of consciousness in mid-brain structures? (See Solms)
Endocrine system very much part of brain behaviour, not just neurons. McGilchrist needs to read Solms.

Goethe / Steiner
Jung / Nietzsche
Dionysian / Apollonian

Charlie Rykken (Where does our sense of unity come from – .) – IMcG – Fractal rather than modular – bits that do know about other bits and their relations as a whole – Systematic (holistic) whole. – CR – Relationship between mental – causality (local) & communication – panentheism and panpsychism. Yes!

Joel’s question – language and definitions hemming us in – yes. Especially English / European languages. (I think it’s more to do with what the symbols / words symbolise than the fact we need to have them – allow us to reference shared experience – so more about the kinds of experience (other than things).

Much on Sacred and Divine ?- again – from the  chair.
Scheler pyramid of values – (must check directly).

Theists vs atheists most thoughtful about existenece of divine means?
A subject that cannot be captured in words, so could argue better NOT to have written about it. Agnosticism – Active receptivity – using Rayner’s language again.

Change coming about the sacred – as with modern panpsychist movement.(My position – sacred is real and important, but it’s not supernatural – it’s the RH view.)

Most primitive view – God as engineer  – setting the world machine in motion – X – again, gotta get all the language “dissing” machines out of the way.

(Complexity of real genetic evolution … not his topic … Zombie ants / rats etc. – become a meme – zzzz.)

Hope vs Despair
Urgency of the young – hmmm. (Double-edged)
Trust & Question (ie not cynical – we do need trust – but thoughtful)
Compassion – common in all spiritual / religious traditions.

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