Beginning of the End for Trans Activism?

Over a period of years I’ve posted a fair bit on the “TERF Wars” (*) not because I have any skin in that game, but because (a) it’s a perfect example of divisive “identity politics” polarising a should-be-caring set of technical and human issues and values under sloganising ideologies and (b) that as well as lesbians, gays and trans, the most massive group of people undermined by it are over half the population – women.

Rebalancing feminine structures in the epistemology and ontology of human systems in the world – dominated by the male heritage and power structures in (say) science and philosophy – is one of my daily drivers, and identity politics of all kinds is clearly a strong ideological corruption of human understanding of such complex real-world systems, corrupting key institutions like the university and the media. I may not have skin in that particular game but I am passionate about how we resist and reverse the damage it causes more generally.

Today judgement was passed on Allison Bailey’s case of being discriminated against by her employer on the advice of Stonewall, that she could not hold and express “gender critical” views (like mine above) against Stonewall’s advice. She had no case directly against Stonewall, of course, but the judgement was clear that:

“gender identity theory as proselytised by Stonewall is severely detrimental” to women, and to lesbians [and gays, and trans, and humanity generally]” (**)

“Proselytised” notice – pure ideology. Well done Allison. Her employer was found liable and on the wrong side of human rights law for following Stonewall’s ideological advice. Enough, onward and upward.

#StonewallOut is lighting-up Twitter today.


Post Notes:

(*) TERF War =
“Transwomen are women” vs “Women are a biological sex”
That is Trans Rights Activist / Gender Identity Theory (TRA / GIT)
vs Gender Critical (GC) positions. Personally I’m for using both sex and gender as intended, and against ideological positions. Activists necessarily blur facts to their ends. Some “Gender Crits” are too vocal the other way, even if motivated by defence. As Alice Dreger put it in her 2008 to 2015 experience:

[A] system in which scientists
and social justice advocates
are fighting in ways that poison
the soil on which both depend.

(**) These are Allison’s own words quoted in the summary judgement.Β  Obviously, Allison had no claim directly against Stonewall, it was her employer who failed her by – like so many other organisations – following Stonewall’s advice. The value in funding the case – suing Stonewall – was to get all of that out in a court. The full judgement is worth reading. The winner is caring common sense.

And two days later all media still glowing with activity against TRA Ideology.

Lots of good stuff in The Times piece.

A thoughtful thread that includes

“the story is very complex,
tainted by activist groups,
such as [fill in the blanks]”


And the most succinct summary:

the end for ideological “affirmation” approaches

I’ve predicted the demise of this ideological travesty once or twice before, but there is a sense in which it is really happening this time:

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