Karl Friston and Good Fences

I’ve previously only mentioned Friston as the source of Friston’s Free Energy Principle as the backdrop to Mark Solms proper bio-psychological account of consciousness.

I listened to this discussion – hap tip to the Active Inference folks – and already made a few footnotes to the two previous posts.

It’s the first time I’ve listened to him directly. We’re on the same page in so much more. As a biologist / scientist, he’s actually into the politics – identity politics – of this, in exactly the way I am. In fact his whole piece in the last 5 or 10 minutes about globalisation destroying useful boundaries (Markov blankets) is EXACTLY my unwritten “Good Fences” thesis. Exactly!

There is a tendency of inclusion / fairness reasons to blur boundaries and minimise differences – but every boundary ignored is a relationship lost.

(Need to pull together all the dispersed notes into something coherent here. I simply cannot write fast enough.)

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