Alexander Bogdanov’s Recovery?

I posted my interest in Bogdanov firstly arising out of Carlo Rovelli’s extended reference to him, and secondly arising from the conference in his name at the Hull Centre for Systems Studies (CSS) this time last year, and Paul Mason’s support of that.

My links got a bit confused as proceedings of that conference were uploaded and updated. Good news, the organiser Örsan Şenalp has made a consolidated post of those materials.

Towards a full recovery of his work and ideas.
(CSS Mini Symposium in 4 parts.)


The 2021 Mike Jackson Lecture by Carlo Rovelli
‘The Relational Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics and Alexander Bogdanov’s Worldview’

Note Carlo Rovelli, Mike Jackson and Paul Mason are also involved in the symposium presentations and discussions. So, looks like we now have a definitive source for Bogdanov.

(Post Note – for ISSS interest
– several members present, Gary Smith and Michelle Friend?

And, oh my, look at the speakers at this
Information Universe Conference 2022
I just missed!
Carlo Rovelli, Erik Verlinde, Seth Lloyd, Stephen Wolfram.)

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