Very Little New?

I’m like a cracked record with “Nothing New Under the Sun”.

I was just using the wayback machine / web-archive to find a copy of Doug Hofstadter’s contribution to the 2006 Tucson Science of Consciousness event:

“Strange Loops,
Downward Causation, and
Distributed Consciousness”
(Mentioned here in 2006.)

His “I am a Strange Loop” was published the following year 2007, so maybe there are no published copies of a paper with that full title?

ANYWAY – imagine my surprise – skimming the programme page, I find Giulio Tononi and his Integrated Information Theory was already on that programme in 2006!

And a few lines further down – Mark Solms was part of the event too! Co-host of a whole morning plenary on “Dreams” – which is of course where he started.

Everything that needs saying has already been said by someone somewhere.

(Wish I’d made more effort to attend Tucson when I had the chances – was actually living in the US South at the time 2005/6/7/8 – that early 2006 post above, I mention moving to our new address!)

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