Writing Progress

I’ve claimed to be “in writing mode” once or twice recently …

[But got stalled by an earlier “strained conversation” post – a car crash that proved fascinating – and it’s not over yet. Fascinating because the advancement of reason and knowledge (in the widest sense) is the point of everything I do, and dialogue is pretty fundamental to that process. A learning opportunity.]

… Anyway, it’s a week since I posted, so this is just a diary note to record, that I really do seem to have got some writing momentum recently.

      1. The Position – a statement of what I believe, in brief.
      2. The Thesis – the whole formal “how and why” development of that.
      3. Good Fences – an essay on one corollary of the whole.
      4. Sacred Naturalism – an essay on another corollary of the whole.
      5. Primary Sources – an acknowledgement of the main originators.
      6. Time and Tide – a fictional narrative inspired by the whole.

I have working drafts / chapters / outlines of all now. Progress.

1, 3 , 4 and 5 are a matter of honing / refining and I’ll probably share early versions sometime soon. 2 and 6 are just early sections / chapters and outlines – but motivation is there to plough on. But, also progress.

Wish me luck.

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