Solms and Harari on the Future of Humanity

Made no secret of the fact that I was never very impressed with Yuval Harari’s take on consciousness – what it is and how it functions – so was a little sceptical linking to this discussion facilitated by Indonesian blogger / you-tuber Gita Wirjawan. In terms of biological brains and minds, my trajectory has been Dennett, McGilchrist and Solms, and here Wirjawan has Harari in conversation with Solms – advertised as being on the “Dawn of Future Consciousness”.

Watched about 2/3 in real time and have the recorded link too.

It is VERY GOOD … and far reaching – humanity, society and governance – not just individual brains and minds.

Strong emphasis on the simplicity of affect / feeling as the root of our knowledge in the world and the need for individual attention to that. More than science.  The place of traditional narrative. The distortions of social media killing true democratic governance as conversation. (So far just my real time tweets, more later?)

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