Gender Ideology – One More Time

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I signed-off from the GC vs TRA “debate” a couple of years ago, after 7 or 8 years of getting in quite deep, because I though the right side of history was winning. I had stoppped following many popular GC commentators to make space for attention to other issues – by sticking with a reduced few, I’d always see retweets and replies from the others if new stories emerged. GCvTRA was always an example of a wider woke/anti-woke polarisation around individual identity and class definitions – #GoodFences for me. However in that time several of those were banned from Twitter and re-instated a la Musk and several other sceptic commentators I interact with began taking an interest in the “Trans debate” (at last). So I need to dust off an update.


This Twitter exchange (and GC’s coming to Helen’s defence) is as good as any to lay out my position:

And quite independently James needs to be part of this too:

… [More later]

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