8 thoughts on “PingBack Test Post”

  1. I don’t see a pingback. I turned mine off long ago; there’s a WordPress setting that controls this, but I assume you’ve looked into that.

  2. Not quite sure why you would see a pingback if I’ve not recently linked to a post of yours?

    But yes, I understand the linking controls and permissions are configurable, tried everything I can find with additional help today from WordPress Support Forum. Also understand it was switched-off by default in later updates of WP – can result in spam attacks if lots of people link – I should be so lucky 😉

    Anyway, I’ve always found it very useful even for internal post-to-post links.

  3. I checked the help and there is an ability to stop self-pings by using a truncated href in your links. If the href is full (https://yadayada/blog/2023/02/08/yadayada) you’ll cause a pingback, but if it’s shortened to /2022/02/08/yadayada, you won’t. I have no idea what the editor normally does, but have you checked this? ( ask because you didn’t mention it above.)

  4. Duh, I can check it myself. But I notice it’s the unsecured form, “http” instead of”https”. I wonder if that would make a difference.

  5. There’s a good chance it’s the “http”. I’d guess someone at WordPress wrote a program to test the first part of the URl, and if it doesn’t match a certain pattern, to ignore the link when creating pingbacks. If they just grabbed some defined property of the site to find the expected URL, which would undoubtedly contain “https”, and compared it with a locally defined string that did not foresee someone using “http”, then the comparison would fail, and the link would not be used for a pingback.

    Just a theory, but being obsessive, I can’t let it go. I suppose I could test it myself. But on my site, pingbacks have serious adverse consequences, owing to the “Related Topics” section at the end of every topic, so I’m disinclined to mess with the setting.

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