Some Good Writing?

Trying to get back into writing, clearing away some reading after a week on vacation and shaking-off another damn cold, I found myself reading some old posts, prompted by some link hits in the stats.

I’ve written some good stuff, if I say so myself. A lot of it concluding I really should stop noodling around blogging with the ideas and get creative and productive with the writing project itself. Here by way of example 3 consecutive posts from 5 years ago:

The first is simply a review of Baggini’s “How The World Thinks” – but with an exemplary dialogue with Bruce Adam in the comment thread below. Exemplary because we’re both being synthetic, constructive, as dialogue should be.

The expanding scope of that was clearly partly what prompted the second, but it’s a recurring topic, one I call #GoodFences these days but #RoseByAnyOtherName would do just as well. The whole “identity politics” of political correctness or wokeness inhibiting the common sense of – essential need for –  agreeing meaningful names for things. Identity before definition. (And I have a handful of other more comprehensive draft versions of this topic.)

“Just because we don’t want to pigeonhole doesn’t mean we should deny the existence of pigeons.”
Iain McGilchrist, TMWT p863.

The third post, the same day, is a private outline of “the book” sparked-off by the need to write. And here we are again, 5 years later.

2 thoughts on “Some Good Writing?”

  1. Yes, it’s currently a private link.
    If I wanted to share it with you I’d need to create a password protected link or make public, but I’m not ready to share publicly yet, it’s just a brain-dump of an outline.
    The point in this post, is that 3 consecutive posts 5 years ago already led to “write the damn book” … 🙂

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