Marginal Cost of Communication?

I have a stance which I often reduce to #TransparencyIsOverrated or #FreeSpeechHasItsLimits – the communications variant of #FreedomRunsOnRails

Ex(1) When is a confidentiality clause in any kind of social or legal agreement an NDA, and so what if it is an NDA?

Ex(2) Why should people feel aggrieved if asked to pay for (say) Twitter?

Long story short, I’ve always believed there should be a marginal cost of communication. Choosing to open your mouth, send an email, post a tweet, should have a small marginal cost per communication x audience-size.

Person to people face-to-face, the cost is in getting yourself in front of the audience each time. Email and tweets etc have zero marginal cost – and it leads to the impression that just because (you believe) something is true, it must be said / communicated as widely as you like. (£0.0001p anyone?) Whatever the “rules” are you can always break them if you respect the consequences.

Happy to elaborate anytime. #FreedomIsWorthPayingFor

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