Mapping Vervaeke to Pirsig in Active Inference?

A post from @Kubbaj on The Active Inference Discord Server described as “a combo of Vervaeke, Henriques and Friston”

In that “C-B-L-M” axis I couldn’t fail to see a version of Pirsig’s levels of static patterns (of value or quality) – not to mention the participatory / perceptual starting point “into” the system at its “MB” Boundary.

(C-B-L-M mapping to Pirsigian Physical-Biological-Social-Intellectual – where the latter two are maybe better expressed as “individual-mental” and “socio-cultural” IMHO – orthogonal to the “physio-biological”?)

As the first AII response indicated, there’s a wealth of detail to be elaborated behind the many arrows and relationships in that diagram. But, for me the interest is pretty clear:

    • Friston – (via Solms, Fields and Levenchuk) is my original route into this Active Inference space.
    • Henriques – I’m not sure I’m even aware of?
    • Vervaeke – is someone I keep getting pointers to, but have so far failed to pick-up what it is he’s adding to the story?

However, recent discussion in “this little corner” of the web with Sevilla King and Karen Wong keep suggesting I need to understand the Vervaeke – Pirsig relevance.

[Holding post for that research 🙂 ]

[Post Note: Thanks to @Kubbaj on the AII Discord again – I did some immediate follow-up in the next post.]

2 thoughts on “Mapping Vervaeke to Pirsig in Active Inference?”

  1. Vervaeke talks about the mechanism of relevance realization. Which is basically the window of that which is precise in active inference.

  2. Hi Bert, thanks for that.

    Not sure I really understand the significance of it – “the window of that which is precise” – sounds scary from my “Systems Thinking” perspective 🙂

    What would you recommend as a starter to get to know Vervaeke?

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