Gap between Technical Specialisms & Systems Thinking

Just a quick holding post to capture the link. Hat tip to Kevin Mitchell for sharing this 15 minute “Lightning Talk” by Johannes (Yogi) Jaeger

It’s short but I’ve only skimmed first few mins. Already loving it.

Don’t know any more about Ronin Community or Vienna Uni Philosophy, but I see Templeton sponsorship.

Evolutionary Systems focus, almost apologetic for increasingly conceptual theoretical interest. (Me too – that is the point of adopting “Systems Thinking” – after Levenchuk, et al.)

Identifying that gap between Technical Specialists and higher level (more holistic / systems) Thinking – anywhere, including science itself in 21st C. (Irony that so much fundamental science theory ignores its “ontological commitment” being happy to hang with the maths, and yet disowns / devalues science that strays from the empirical, to the abstract and conceptual understanding / thinking / belief – hence Templeton?)

Hear, hear!

I’ll be back.


OK, so watched & listened to the whole: All good.

The crux is these “12 Theses”.

My only difference would be coming down quite so negative on the word “machine” – but it’s clearly the main thrust of the theses and the book – “”Beyond the Age of Machines”. I personally have no problem with machine language, but a sufficiently complex self-adaptive “soft (ie non-mechanistic) machine” system. A very special evolved kind of computing machine with these properties of agency, purpose, meaning etc. Organism is good. System is good. Whichever word we choose it will come with baggage. I happen to like the Turing baggage. I’d support Organism if it became the preferred word. I’m in.

And, as admitted, making a list of 12 is a nod to Martin Luther, so slightly artificial choice of which specific 12 “assertions” – could be re-written at any level of abstraction vs detail 3 or 4 to 15 or 20? Apparent in the elaboration whilst presenting the 12. Either way, a plea to be treated like those 12 Theses, nailed to the doors of the “church of reason” – as Pirsig called it.

But the 3 pillars metaphor is very much aimed at keeping distinct the different kinds of thinking and doing. As I think I already said, exactly the point of Levenchuk’s version of “Systems Thinking”.

Manifesto good too. Kairos, Wisdom, Mysterianism and Metamodernity – a re-de-constructed modernity (PoPoMo as I’ve always called it).

An “emergent book” – a bit like my blog in my Psybertron case 🙂

All good. Recommended.


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