Transcendent Naturalism?

Just another holding post – John Vervaeke is doing a lot of stuff and getting a lot of traction in areas of my interest. That’s good in itself, even though so far I’ve not seen anything radically new (have I looked hard enough? are there enough hours in the day?)

This link is to a new YouTube venture of his with Gregg Henriques called “Transcendent Naturalism”, shared by the latter on Twitter.

Rang an immediate bell since I was just editing a “world-view” summary of mine, where I’ve previously nailed my colours to the “Sacred Naturalism” mast – that post and additional links in the main comment below it.

Not watched it yet, but looks like more parallel thinking? And lots of things to notice already: These forms of words in the notes:

“metaphysical-onto-epistemological” – I often need the same words “my metaphysics is an epistemological-ontology” to quote myself.

And – the preceding “Consilience Conference”. Just used the word “consilience” as recently as less than a week ago.

And “nature comes in levels” (Henriques UToK parallel to Pirsig MoQ) one of which is “the ontic-real world”. Ontological commitment.

(Still a sense that Christian / Neo-Platonism has to remain central to this particular ecosystem – when talking about transcendence and spiritualism in relation to “the hard sciences” … )


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