Up and Coming ?

List from the Beeb. White Lies sound like the pick of the bunch, but Little Boots and Empire of the Sun (feat Luke Steele, ex Perth WA) err … interesting.

Saw local bands Kill Your Darlings and Hallucinations the other night at Cafe Kaos. Both different but good, though incredibly short sets. Hallucinations technically accomplished amplified-acoustic bluesy-folk-rock guitars and vocals with a locomotive rhythm section driving em on, and virtuoso harmonica thrown in. Kill Your Darlings with intro loops and grungey heavy guitar, maximum effect for minimum technique, decent vocals, inventive beats and a really entertaining drummer.

2 thoughts on “Up and Coming ?”

  1. I knew you hadn’t been concentrating 😉

    Moved from Alabam to Oslo at the start of October. Following essentially the same piece of work, but working for a Norwegian company on different projects.

    We loved the Deep South much more than we ever expected (friendly people, healthy local produce, and so easy to travel), but the job wasn’t really going where I wanted, and we started out on temporary residence visas that would have required us to “start again” if we wanted longer term residency.

    Norway we’ve lived in before (we were married here 27 years ago) and I have friends here from working on projects with Norwegian companies over the years, so it wasn’t a complete novelty for us … unlike moving from summer sub-tropical gulf-coast climate to sub-arctic autumn-going-on winter climate was bad timing (not to mention the economy) !

    Back in the UK over Christmas … but we’ll be Ooop North.

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