New Leaves Turned Over

Plenty of people posting reviews of 2008 and resolutions for 2009.

Detectable in the hits on my site too. I mentioned once or twice during 2008 that I was getting a bit fed-up with the proportion of hits not just from search engines (eg Google, mainly) , with no dwell time from the human user on the other side of the engine, and particularly those from search engine crawlers just creating their indexes. If I’m honest, 80% of hits in 2008 were of this type, maybe 60% of the counted hits in the 7 year life of Psybertron.

Of the real (human) hits, apart from the obvious Pirsig related enquiries, two subjects that get weird hit frequenies are (a) “arguments against Maslow”; just about every hit on Maslow in some sense negative,  and (b) “rational comprehensive planning”; something I pooh-poohed in one post a while back.

Since the new year – three whole days – I would say 95% of hits have involved real users reading and clicking links, still mostly Pirsig and philosophy & evo-psych related (only some of whom are “the usual suspects” exercising their curiosity).

Specifically there were a handful each of both Maslow and RCP subjects with reversed interests … positively for Maslow, negatively questioning rational comprehensive planning.

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