How not to get behind in the 21st century

How not to get behind in the 21st century. Interesting summary from Leonid Ototsky of Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (via Danny’s Blog) of technical directions in e-style information integration. Not surprisingly Leonid makes reference to his adopting the EPISTLE information model, as well as numerous references to his recently deceased inspiration – Stafford Beer. More interesting in this context are his references to Norbert Wiener?s ?Cybernetics and Society” and to Principia Cybernetica (See sidebar).

Interestingly too, is the machine translation of Leonid’s “IT Strategy for a New Century” paper, hosted by the SUO (Standard Upper Ontology) project. This group organised uder IEEE, is already linked on my resources page, where I had previously seen them as thrashing around from first principles somewhat – worth a second look.

What a tangled web we weave. [Must communicate with Leonid / SUO.]

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