A Rare Treat

Saw Rodney Crowell at the JD in Oslo last night. It was packed-out. Didn’t know much about him beforehand, but I’d noticed he was supported and backed by Will Kimbrough and Jenny Scheinman. I saw Will just the once before at Norm’s (Cumberland) River Road House just outside Nashville, playing with Tommy Womack. Folks in North Alabama / Tennessee who knew I was a fan of Tommy were forever pointing out his association with Will and with Todd Snider. Loved all three of  ’em.  Coincidentally, during the first set Will actually mentioned playing with Todd previously at the same Oslo venue.

Both the first Will & Jenny set and the main Rodney, Jenny & Will set were entirely acoustic except for a little keyboard fill – excellent country folk guitar and fiddle with some great poetry.

Great to hear Will do his “Hill Country Girl” again – it stuck in my mind on the only previous occasion. Houston boy Rodney Crowell did really impress too; I’m going to have to listen to more of his stuff – “Sex & Gasoline”, despite the highlight of the evening being when Jenny brought the house down with a solo fiddle virtuoso piece.

It’s a rare treat when an unexpected gig turns out that good.

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