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I see that Ant’s second Pirsig documentary installment “On the Road With Robert Pirsig” gets an airing tonight at a reading of ZMM in the Twin Cities, where a couple of local bloggers also picked this up.

A little biographical detail is that the event at the Sean Muda Studio is in the same “Roberts Shoes” building as the flophouse on Chicago and Lake where Pirsig escaped the family home whilst writing the major part of ZMM.

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  1. I did check this out. The Pirsig love-fest was held in a funky art studio. Lots of young hipsters and a few of the more of the more–mature hipster type. 🙂

    I enjoyed the movie, but as always, wanted more about the philosophies in Lila and less about riding motorcycles without helmets. Only one line in the movie refers to Lila…Pirsig just ends with something like, “in Lila these ideas are worked out…and I’m glad that some people are building on those ideas.”

    I don’t suppose anyone will host a ‘love fest’ for Lila.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Jane.

    I’ll let Ant know too. Sounds like he has you waiting for the next installment ,-)

  3. Jane,

    I’m glad to hear you enjoyed “On The Road”. The quote you were trying to recall follows:

    “Lila was a more deliberate book and everyone sees that but… it was a book that was quite necessary to fully explain the ideas of Quality in the first book. I’m very happy to see these ideas taken up by others and that they’re going to continue for a long time in public discourse and public conscience.”

    As Ian implies, there will be a film or two dedicated to the philosophy in LILA released in the next year or so; it’s just a matter of time of how quickly I can edit them together!

    Best wishes,

    Anthony McWatt

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