TED Brains

I was posting a more prominent link to the TED talk by Sherwin Nuland (related to the ECT Meme thread) when I noticed this interesting piece from Jill Bolte Taylor. A brain scientist who got to study her own brain and glimpsed the euphoric mystical “now” … and like Sherwin saw this mystical revelation as part of their “resurrection” to life after near terminal experience.

Quite different, but highly connected – like our brain hemispheres ?

And in connection with the unity (some unifying metaphysics) behind physics in Nick Maxwell’s agenda … Murray Gell-Mann talking about elegance in truth and beauty behind physics. And even more connected with Nick’s agenda, Barry Schwarz on the loss of wisdom, and appeal to virtue. And so close to James Willis too … a sense in which it is obvious, and yet … literally “demoralising”. And even better “The Paradox of Choice” joining up a few dots around the official dogma of western economies … and clinical depression is the result. Finally for now … how osyter mushrooms will save the planet.

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